About us

Our Amazon park located privileged in the heights of our beautiful city of Tarapoto, surrounded by majestic green mountains that cover our passing of time and that in their roots house mysterious wildlife creatures that feed on our great diversity of fruits and that with their Waters form and give way to the development of life.

In our park the first host is a mother plant that receives and perceives the breeze of the essence of the visitors, turning its aroma into a center of connection with nature and man.

In our park there are five important pillars that are: The Plegasi Circuit, Extreme Sports Circuit, Coto Machaco Circuit, El Cazador De Las Lunas Circuit and The Shereteros Circuit on the way to the wayra viewpoint, these as a whole give a support to the Amazonian worldview towards the heritage of our Amazonian culture.

Purpose and Aspiration


Generate happiness in people’s lives, taking care of our culture and environment.


To be considered the most beloved park in the Peruvian Jungle.

Our values

We take care of ourselves

Happy to serve

We take care of the future

We collaborate to advance

We innovate and improve