Tourist circuits

Coto Machaco Circuit

Our Second Circuit Coto Machaco lies in the ferocity and in being a very intelligent beast capable of seducing its prey by taking them inside by taking its tail as a hook, be it an animal or hunters who naively follow the hook are suddenly attacked and swallowed in a hug and lethal bite from the beast. A story tells that the Rangers who were skillful hunters used to hunt these animals, with their cunning these animals whistled them making beautiful and charming melodies, who the Rangers hunters began to get closer and closer, the Rangers without realizing they were gradually enveloping until get downtown and eat them in one bite. Adapting in our reality our bridge simulates the beast being the entrance the first head, along its body wrapped by the rich and majestic vegetation gives the intuition that you are entering the depths of the forest and that letting yourself be carried in the end above a tree lies the other head that attacks whoever dares to walk across our naive and weak bridge like subtle prey. Finishing we arrive at the point of two options, one towards the Wayra Circuito de los Shereteros viewpoint and the other towards Cazador De Lunas.

Cazador de Las Lunas Circuit

In the history of the Hunter of the Moons it is a story of the creation of the Amazonian ethnic groups that told the story in which formerly a foreign hunter had come from outside the San Martín region in our Peruvian Amazon, the peculiarity of our region in possessing It is several moons that attract the attention of this hunter, who does not hesitate to take his arrow and shoot arrows towards the moon. At the beginning he realizes that his intention was in vain, since the moons were very high, the hunter from observing so much saw that from time to time the moons descended and came closer and closer to the earth producing luminosity on the rivers and beautiful mirrors of crystalline waters, at nightfall each time the hunter with an arrow made the moons fall little by little until in the end there was only one moon the largest and most beautiful that with its perfect symmetry left the hunter astonished. During an afternoon in the mountains the hunter sat down to look at the vast landscape and noticed that each moon that he had caused to fall formed each of the ethnic groups rich in culture and tradition that made the hunter peculiar and unique as a whole, when he saw this Actually he realizes what he had done and decides to leave the only moon that had remained in peace, remembering his actions every time the hunter sits down to look over the highest mountain hoping once more to be able to contemplate the valuable and unique spectacle of the that once were all moons. Placing with our surroundings each of the houses is strategically located in the tree that recreates the culture and ethnic diversity in our Peruvian Amazon and the San Martin region and that our roots of the Ashanincas, the Jibaros, the Ashuares, the Shipibos, the Chankas and Quichuas Lamistas, the Chayahuitas are identifications that make us unique and privileged from the culture we possess. In the Hunter of the Moons we will find eight native communities, each one will be identified with a different banner, what we seek is to try to recreate the Amazonian worldview with the viewpoints we seek that visitors have a privileged view and connect with the roots of its past which is united with the help and privilege of the Amazon.

Circuit of the Shereteros

In our Circuit of the Shereteros (Lovers), we will find the bell tower of love, where lovers will demonstrate how great the feeling they have is, declaring their love very strong, louder than the sound of the bell, then ending in the God’s eye that is located in the wayra viewpoint, which has a beautiful panoramic view, where in front of the father’s eye love is promised, so that the relationship lasts forever, ending in the seal of the oath of love, where couples will tie a knot to each other. a laso near the tree of romance.