Capitals sins

Our circuit has an unparalleled view of landscapes that surprise and encourage us to beautify the city, as an inspiring source for an ascent walk to the top of our park, we find seven strategic points with a theme based on ¨The divine comedy¨ of Dante Alighieri who in his writings immortalized ideas and thoughts that make it possible for you to start from earth to hell, which here is the other way around, you start from earth and end up in heaven, ascending towards the hand of God to be forgiven. In this way, eight sculptures will predominate in the circuit, for example in ¨La Divina Comedia¨ the first protector is the three-headed dog, which is Cerberus, in this case our first guardian is the Otorongo, which is a three-headed animal, the otorongo is a mythological being that takes care of everything in our area. Our first sin is laziness, which is going to be established there in the Amazonian worldview based on Amazon Mythology. Each of the sins such as envy, lust, laziness, gluttony, greed, pride are protected by mythological beings of our Amazon with which it is sought that our visitor is informed and related to their actions, of this It forms the plegasi circuit, it ends in the sin of anger in which you have to go through all the sins so that you can just be forgiven by the hand of God. blessed and it is precisely this magical and charming place that makes Tarapoto and its surroundings a prosperous place, having as iconic the main phrase in which “the hand of God and man come together to create something magical and something surprising as a blessed place Tarapoto”. In our Taytamaki viewpoint, which is a place where you can see this beautiful landscape beauty of the city of Tarapoto and the San Martin Valley.


Welcome Huambrillos and Huambrillas, those who present themselves to me, Otorongo am, guardian of this divine jungle, I have three heads, to see, hear and speak and I will tell you that today you will have the most Mishquillita adventure of your lives. Prepare your Pingullos because the walk is going to be good, the guide will accompany you who, although fetish is good people, you have to give him his tip so that he can buy his Curichi and cut his toenail that already looks like calamine. Take care of nature, you are not pulling flowers or stepping on crickets but Supay is going to Ishanguear on your back and Muru Muru is going to leave him or I can punish you and you will be like these Tunchi Umas that I am stepping on. Now yes, they can pass and the journey begins.


You have just walked and stopped, don’t be Mantona Ullo and Pishura Apiacha and back, look that I am the Chullachaqui and I can steal you and take you away, and all your life you will be kicking Lupunas asking for rain, so you know, just walk and if You hear noise as if someone hits a tree, do not do Chiri Chiri your body, suddenly the garúa falls, do not go to get angry and back if your Ocotillo wets, rather, leave me my Little Raccoon as an offering so as not to be Juastidio, and if you You meet someone you know on the trail, look at his foot first, if he is Chullalado, you run screaming and they will help you. In any case, the guide is not Chullachaqui ah, so is his foot, ditto Cachi mazo.


If you have come this far and Manchari has not given you, we are going well, you will already be realizing how cute the walk is and that I have not called you anything. In this part if you have to be careful with the bufeo, right now he just robs the Huambras to make them his Hembritas, he transforms into a very handsome Sherete and they love it. So go grabbing the hand of your Manvalquesillas and do not let go, and if you do not have huambra, even if it is your guide hand already haha ​​… Atashay hom !. Do not be confused and back thinking that the guide is the bufeo, he is Buchizapa and ugly that is different. To continue the walk, the guide will stand in front of you and you will pass by sending him a blown kiss jajay…


Continue without letting go of the hand, be careful I see you Turbashos and without you noticing I do Misho Murillo to your Huambrillos and they will end up in my belly. Do not let the children be Huicapeando stone, painting or climbing the guardians that the Taitita is going to punish them and he is going to turn them into little birds; if he’s a little woman, he’s going to turn him into a Torcaza, if he’s a boy into Paucar, but not a male like the guide, Malay hom! and they will be crying in the mountains: oh! Oh! Mom … Before I made them Shicapas but when they grew up those children wanted to be mayors and back. In this section we will pass without making much noise so that the Ayamama does not wake up.


Is Segurito already hungry di? and your belly already sounds like Manguaré. Here we can make a stop so that you can eat something light, your Tapisho, your Sachapapa with salt, your Pijuayo with chili and if you are Ponguete, eat your “snacks” now, but do not throw the garbage on the road or contaminate the river where you live If not, the Mayantu Sapo will jump on top of them and swallow them and see that he is like the guide, just not fed up. Do not eat much and return, otherwise you will not walk lightly. Only the guide is saved because he is Bombo Buchi and not even the Mayantu can swallow him. If there is rain, be happy because you could see the Mayantu babies on the way (the colored frogs). Here we are going to pass repeating this permission: Toad Mayuntito Give me a permit To see the little hand And not be your snack


We are already more than halfway there and if the mosquito has not left you Posheco we are doing well, do not forget to apply your repellent. It is said that in this place lives a Mermaid that enchants visitors and if it catches you, dement will leave you and only the Ayahusaquero will be able to save Ikarandote with enough Mapacho. Nobody knows how the mermaid appeared, it is said that her mother lives in the Blue Lagoon of Sauce, some residents narrate that she was a Lindisquilla Huambra who, due to hoarding a lot of money in her life, forgot about love, and one day, while walking through it In the jungle, he saw a beautiful orchid and wanted to possess it, the guide warned him not to do it, however, great was his greed that, taking the life from him, held it and saw it fade and wither, suddenly the rain came with all his grandmother and Taita Maqui punished her by turning her into what she is now, a woman without legs and without love, who was dragged to the river by the flood. The ancients say that it will regain its original shape if it is kissed by true love. The guide kisses him three times and three times he is already crazy. We will all pass through here exchanging something with another partner so as not to be greedy.


Alahusito the guide, are you sure you are already making them carry your Di Talega? The poor man is going to foam up, you have to keep walking one more Ashishito to enjoy paradise and the preciousness of the view, if you see a colleague who is Umpurized, idem chicken with plague, encourage him to continue and do not be Chambón because you have more Force, do not be like the Yacuruna and back, that no matter how superb it had to be confined to the rivers and lakes where it is king, but if you put it on the ground it is slower than the Motelo and it walks like Pelejo. This reminds us that we must always be humble and grateful to those who help us and also to the nature of which we are brothers.

To pass we must show our gratitude to the guide by reciting the following verses:

Thank you guide for your company
For continuing to liven up our day
For showing us humility
And to walk in community

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Finally friends! We can already see the fingers of Tayta Maqui ve, and there is little left to be there. Suddenly Yacu Yacu is your Ocotillo, but the joy will be full and you will receive the blessing of the divine hand for your effort. The panorama is wonderful, you will see the same as when they add Chacrunita to Ayahuasca and you will hear a beautiful song in your Shungo. Just beware of anger, don’t go and deny if something did not turn out the way you wanted, if the mosquitoes have left you Pucacho your Changa, if you have kicked Quiruma, if your Armpit has wet, if your Trola has scalding, see that the Runamula runs through the last section and it can appear and from a Cuescazo you will Chaspar and you can become a statue too. Let us rejoice that the tour was good and despite all the unforeseen we have left all the sins behind now, we will all enter the viewpoint laughing out loud and thanking our guide who is the messenger of the Tayta and a native demigod for the attention. Strongly praise the Tayta and its creation and jealously guard the secret of its blessing, share the experience with those you love the most and of this beautiful land and its people, do not forget yourself ever again.