Immerse yourself in the Magic of the Peruvian Amazon: Discover Luxury Glamping in the First Dome of the Peruvian Jungle!

In the heart of the enigmatic Peruvian Amazon, a unique experience awaits adventurers and lovers of comfort. Introducing Peru’s first Jungle Glamping, located majestically in the Taytamaki Adventure Park in Tarapoto. This is not a simple accommodation; It is an invitation to immerse yourself in nature, embrace comfort, enjoy life with passion, care for and value everything that surrounds us, appreciating our Amazon history and knowing that it is possible to live in harmony and balance with nature.

What is Glamping?

Glamping, a fusion of “glamour” and “camping,” redefines the idea of ​​the outdoor experience. Instead of compromising luxury for nature, Glamping offers the best of both worlds. And our First Dome in the Peruvian Amazon elevates this experience to new heights.

Discover the First Dome in the Peruvian Amazon

Imagine waking up in a comfortable bed in the middle of the Amazon jungle, with the sounds of nature as your soundtrack. Our Glamping offers not only a luxury stay, but an authentic connection with the surrounding biodiversity. The Dome’s eco-friendly design integrates harmoniously with the environment, respecting and preserving the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Adventures at Taytamaki Adventure Park

Glamping is not just about the accommodation; It is the portal to exciting experiences. At Taytamaki Adventure Park, you will explore the Amazon rainforest in a unique way. From exciting canopy rides to guided expeditions and the opportunity to interact with local communities, every moment becomes a story to tell.




What are you waiting for?

The Taytamaki Adventure Park and our First Dome in the Peruvian Amazon await you. Be part of this unforgettable adventure, where comfort and nature converge harmoniously. Your next great story begins here, in the heart of the Amazon! 🌳✨ for an experience that goes beyond the ordinary!

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